About Stuart Gentry

It’s hard to find anyone else in his field who works in the same way as Stuart Gentry, and that’s no accident. He has constant motivation to come up with the innovative ideas required to push towards a greener future. The fact is that if organisations do not continue to look to protect the planet and come up with more energy efficient means of operation, the subsequent circumstances will be serious. 

Stuart has been involved in a large number of ground breaking projects that act to reduce the damages of climate change and achieve net zero carbon usage. He is passionate about every stage of the process of his work, from the hiring of the right minds to overcome challenges, to the eventual execution of a project. He treats everyone he works with with respect in order to foster good relationships that he can utilise in future projects. 

Working on such projects comes with a range of challenges that insurers and other energy efficient workers have claimed would make certain tasks impossible. Gentry makes a statement out of taking each day as it comes, keeping a positive mindset and working with the right people so he can overcome the challenges placed before him. 

Stuart Gentry claims that he will continue his work as a determined and focused commercial leader, ensuring he keeps making friendships within the industry so he can bring the right people together, men and women alike, to make a worldwide common goal more achievable. He understands how important it is to have the right people nearby so that collaboration comes easy and goals can be achieved in a reasonable time. 

Stuart Gentry | Current Work 

At the moment, Gentry works as a consultant in the renewables industry, specifically the net Zero area. It’s no accident given his plethora of work experience makes him suited for the role, allowing him to tackle challenges on a case by case basis within a reasonable amount of time. 

He strides towards bringing energy companies further into the future, reducing the damages they cause to the planet and creating more renewable energy solutions. He will agree to offer management and operation services, as well as project development and funding, working from engineer to insurer in order to assist with ongoing projects. 

In doing this role, Stuart has worked with a number of different businesses and made contacts in the world of mechanical engineering, energy usage and UK insurance. Some of his previous clients include: 

  • ADAS 
  • Jaguar 
  • Northumberland County Council 
  • Network Rail 
  • Bristol Water 

Stuart Gentry | Biggest Projects 

A sign of Stuarts ability in this field are the large projects he has worked on during his time as a consultant. In completing these he had to think on his feet, strategically, in order to follow the steps necessary to fulfil a clients needs. Some of the largest projects he has worked on include: 

  • The development of Europes Largest Solar Thermal Powerplant 
  • The creation of Europe’s first East and West Solar Park which has raised engineering funding 
  • A 40MW solar PV power purchase agreement 
  • 7000 site framework contract 

Stuart Gentry | Previous Work Experience 

In completing his role as a consultant, Stuart is able to draw from his exciting past of work experience. He will usually receive praise for his problem solving abilities which are set after working in the industry for nearly 25 years. 

He got his start working in energy as a commercial project developer before going on to have a set role in business development and special projects as a commercial and development director. In these roles he would need to receive and send communications to various clients over the phone, by email and in person to make sure that they have everything they need in order to continue a project. 

Throughout these previous roles, Stuart worked for around 15 years within the sector of building services with English clients and clients from around the world. From there he spent 10 years working in the sector of renewable energy efficient technology. He has carried out a range of different projects on both an international and domestic level. 

Working With Stuart Gentry 

It’s no surprise that a lot of people within the industry would like to work with Stuart Gentry. Thanks to his history in the business and his growing network, he can speak renewable energy like it’s a second language. If you would like help with becoming more energy efficient in your operation then be sure to get in touch.